Were Romeo and Juliet’s deaths predestined? Or were they the result of the actions of Romeo, Juliet, and their feuding families? One of the most important questions posed by this play is whether what happens to us is the result of our own choices and random, mathematical chance, or whether a supernatural force, like God or Fate, has predetermined the course of our lives. Everyone has different beliefs, and there are no wrong answers to this question as long as they’re on topic.

This Response Journal question gives you the opportunity to show that you have a literal understanding of the play’s events, what it means to you, and how you can apply the wisdom you have taken from the play to your own life.

How will your beliefs affect the way you approach life? Romeo and Juliet isn’t just an entertaining play; it is also a deeply meaningful exploration of our place in the universe. Also, included near the end is a list of 10 vocabulary words from Acts IV and V that are still in contemporary use.

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