2B: How do you know when you’re an adult and no longer a child? What are the markers of adulthood? Has Juliet made that transition? She marries Romeo without her parents permission. She goes through a shifting palette of emotions upon hearing that Romeo has killed her cousin. And when she got married, does that fact alone mean she’s an adult woman? Children can’t marry, can they? She begins lying to her parents, too. In your opinion, does her behavior look like that of a grown-up or of a kid?

This response journal question invites you to demonstrate your understanding of the play, reflect on your own thoughts and feelings about it, and to apply your understanding to your own life.

Near the end of the video, there is a 10-word vocabulary list. The words come from Acts II and III and are all still in contemporary use.

This video is followed by Parts 3A and 3B, which discuss the remaining two acts of the play. Be sure to read the rest of the play before watching those.

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