In Acts II and III, Romeo and Juliet make some huge choices that–no matter how this play turns out–will alter their lives forever. They are not the same people they were when the play began. They get married in secret. Romeo kills a man. Juliet breaks from the Nurse and talks about killing herself.

Were they too young to be making decisions of this kind? Should a responsible adult have intervened? Or were they ready to stand on their own two feet as adults with all the accompanying rights and responsibilities? Was Romeo acting like an adult when he avenged Mercutio’s death? When is a person an adult, capable of making decisions that have lifelong consequences? How do you know when a person (maybe yourself) has made that transition into adulthood?

This video is designed to help introduce students to one of the important issues in Acts II and III. It’s followed by Part 2B, which includes a vocabulary list and a Response Journal question.

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