Romeo and Juliet is a fun and popular play. It’s funny, has dirty jokes, swordfights, as well as amazingly beautiful language. It also deals with issues that young people can relate to, like love. And it makes people think about big questions like what is real love and what is counterfeit? What exactly is the difference between kids and adults? It even asks a more abstract question: Who or what is in control of what happens to me? Myself? Fate?

This is the first in a 7-video series on Romeo and Juliet. These videos will help a viewer to get an understanding of the big issues in this play. Please read Act I before watching videos !A, 1B, and 1C. Read Acts iI and III before watching videos 2A and 2B. And please read Acts IV and V before watching vidoes 3A and 3B. All three parts contain a vocabulary list and a response journal question.

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