Learn how to show comprehension, reflection, and application in your Reader-Response journals. Reader-response is the idea that meaning occurs in the mind of the person experiencing the work of art, rather than being dictated by the author. What a work of art means to you is legitimate if it’s supported by the text. The rubric is explained in detail using examples from Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

Learning how to make meaning from what you read answers the questions, “what does this have to do with me?” and “When will I ever need to know this in real life?” It gives your reading a real-world purpose. It helps you understand what you read, care about what you read, and then use what you read to help you lead a better and more successful life. And if you can do that in a book, you can also do it looking at real-life situations, in your career, in your personal life, when you look at the news or hear about things that happen to your friends and family. Think about it: when would you need to look around you and understand the meaning of what you see? All the time!

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