Learn how to organize your essay. This basic structure is suitable for most essays, whether it’s for English, Social Studies, or a standardized test. Topics include advice on writing a hook, a thesis, supporting paragraphs, a conclusion, a broader significance, and paragraph transitions.

Every essay you will write, whether it’s for English, Social Studies, Science, or a standardized test, argument or explanatory, will require some version of this basic structure: introduction, development, and conclusion. In more advanced classes, the structure of your essays will still be pretty much the same; they’ll just be longer, give more support, and the evidence might be grouped into categories of evidence, or have subordinate theses that support a bigger one; they might have an exploratory but still orderly flow of ideas from one to the next rather than center around a single thesis; but they’re still basically this shape: a statement, supporting evidence, and a conclusion. So what I call the “machine” is a good place for writers to start.

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