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Language Arts Videos

These video mini-lessons were created by a secondary English teacher for students and teachers everywhere. You can watch them in the classroom, at home, or on your mobile device!

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I’m a secondary Language Arts teacher in Seattle. I made these videos so my students could get my instruction if they were absent or didn’t understand it the first time. My students could watch them anytime, anywhere, as long as they had an Internet connection. So, I was surprised when people from all over the world started watching my YouTube videos. Teachers showed them in class. Students used them for homework help in the evening. But some teachers told me that their school blocked YouTube, so they were unable to show the videos to their students.

Now I have my very own website, so Internet filters should no longer be a problem. I do run ads to support my work, but just like on YouTube, these videos are free to anyone who can use them. Let me know if you have questions or comments. Just use the contact button at the bottom of my homepage. I’ll always be thrilled to hear from you.

– Dan Sato

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